Carlyon Bay ~ Saturday 25 June 2016 ~ 12:00
Carlyon Bay is the second event in the 2016 Velotive Sea Swim Series and seemed to be a favourite by most of the competitors last year - nothing to do with the near perfect conditions.
This is a mass start on the edge of the water and will be incorporating Crinnis rock as a natural obstacle. Competitors will swim two 1km laps of the course which includes an ‘Australian Exit’ which means each swimmer is expected to exit the water, run a very short distance and then enter the water in between each lap as directed.
A chance to rest the arms, adjust your goggles or simply give us a smile or a loved one a salty kiss before lap 2!
This is another great location for swimming, with clear water (usually), good conditions (usually) and the odd bit of wildlife for company! 2015 RESULTS