Hokey Cokey Swimrun ~ Rules
Participants will run, swim and complete each leg along the coast of St Austell bay with no specific transition areas between each leg. Each participant will be responsible for knowing the course prior to the event, the course will be clearly marked using yellow arrows, marshals and other markers but it is also down to the participant to know the course.

The rules for the Mad Hatter Sports Hokey Cokey are listed below

1. Entering
- Participants should understand that this is a tough and challenging event and that they are entering at their own risk and cannot hold the organisers responsible.
- In the event of high winds or other unexpected situations we reserve the right to change/shorten the course or cancel the race.
- If you cannot make the event for any circumstances please contact Mad Hatter Sports events. Transferring of entry via any route other than through
us will not be accepted.

2. Race Course
- Athletes MUST enter/exit the water for the swim legs where the signs are located; the signs have been positioned to give you the best access to and from the water. If you choose to exit/enter at another point you may be disqualified from the event.
- Anyone found littering will be disqualified.
- There will be a water/food station at Porthpean, this station will have jelly babies, flapjacks and other goodies prior to the long run. No outside help is permitted.
- Marshals will ask for your race number at the start of some of the swim legs, this is to ensure that we have accounted for all participants.
- There will be bottles of water available after the run along Carlyon Bay beach at the top of the path.
- The swim sections will not be marked with buoys, each swim is a point to point swim and you will not be led by a kayak. There will be a water support
team on hand at all times but they are only there for your safety.
- Some of the swim sections may take you close to, or over rocks depending on your time and navigational skills. Please be aware that these obstacles are there, if you get to close you may have to coasteer. If you are worried about this then please give the shoreline a wide berth.
- Part of the run is alongside the golf course at Carlyon bay, please stick to the coast path and do not run on the golf course. If you do you will be
- Marshals will be equipped with basic first aid kit and there will be a mobile first aid unit that can be called to any location. Each marshal will also have a
number of foil blankets.

3. Equipment
- It is your choice of what to wear for the swims, wetsuits are recommended but not mandatory. Anyone entering without a wetsuit should be an experienced “skins” swimmer and this should not be your first time attempting to swim without a wetsuit.
- You can remove your wetsuit after each swim and carry it, however this takes time to put it back on before the next swim. You must carry your own wetsuit, no outside help is permitted
- You MUST wear footwear during the run legs, the runs are mainly on coast path so it will be uneven and rocky. Anyone seen running on the coast path
without footwear will be disqualified. Any type of footwear is permitted.
- Swimming in your footwear is the recommended strategy but you can remove your shoes and transport them in the swim, this could include using dry bags or floats.
- Floatation devices are permitted during the swim, this includes pull buoys and tow floats.
- Use of power paddles and flippers is allowed.   
- You must use the event swim hats during the swim sections.
- No motorized equipment is permitted (Someone has seriously asked!!)
- Please enter the water feet first and do NOT dive into the water.
- You must return to the finish with the equipment that you started with, you cannot leave items around the course to be picked up later. 

4. Participants
- You will be running along the coast path which is open to the public so please be mindful of this when running, we would like to hold this race again.
- If you pull out of the race at any point please report to the nearest marshalling point and you will be returned to base.