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IMERY's Kaolinite

Saturday 17th August 2024

We are super excited to announce that the Kaolinite is returning for 2024!
Something we've been trying to get going for a number of years is the Imery's Kaolinite, based in the amazing/unique surroundings of Blackpool Pit near St Austell.

Blackpool Pit closed in 2007 and had been open for 170 years employing over 500 people and bringing industry and jobs to the local community.
Now this disused quarry (over 300ft deep) and over a km in length is largely deserted.

Mad Hatter Sports have managed to secure access to this unique landscape pit for the day and we are delighted to host a day of sports in and around the pit from swimming, running and the headline Aquathlon.

The main event is the aquathlon which will consist of a 3km swim in the warm clear waters of the pit followed by a 15km run on the trails surrounding the pit. You can enter the aquathlon as an individual or grab a partner and do it as a team with one person doing the swim and the other doing the run.

Alternatively if you just want to do the 3km swim then you can, this will take place at the same time as the swim for the aquathlon
You can also choose to just do the 15km trail run which will start just after the aquathlon starts 

The entry fee includes an event memento and a silicone swim hat for those doing the swim. 
The memento related to the event you take part in.

Come and join us for this exciting event in this stunning Cornish landscape

NOTE: Please do not access the land where the event is held until the date of the event. We have obtained a special licence from Imerys to hold this event.
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